Thursday, January 13, 2005

An Auctioning We Go...

A while back the hub and I went to an auction with one of the girls at work and her beau. It was in Pinacle, NC a dandy place. The home was a wagon stop back in the day so this lead to all kinds of great finds and bargains. The house' view out the back door was Mount Pilot, and OMG what a view... (Mount Pilot - who knows that bit o trivia? Terry?)

We bought 4 wooden folding chairs, several old cameras, pictures, a telephone table, an etched mirror, an old stroller, a wagon wheel...etc.etc..
Some things we had to buy in lots. Take the cameras for instance. They came with all kinds of handy crap including an old hot water bottle.
Uh Huh..
It now has a special spot in the garage, mixed in amoungst the old thermometers and signs, right by the dart board. Quite a conversation piece.
The Mirror came with some high quality stuff that went right to the trash..
And then we bought a lot of pictures. All because we wanted one. ONE.
And we got like 20. Mostly crap, but one I found interesting. It is a picture of President Dwight D Eisenhower.
Ever seen one of those paintings that no matter where you are in the room, the eyes follow you?
Well that is this picture.
I hung it in the guest bath...
across from the toilet...
eye level when you sit..

Uh huh...

I think I am going to buy a grease pencil and have him say messages, such as:
Been here long?
Everything come out all right?
Can I help you?
I hate someone watching me on the toilet.


I am a wee bit warped..

But the reactions from our guests are GREAT!!!

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