Wednesday, January 19, 2005


This weekend I had 2 disturbing dreams. I am not sure why, I didn't eat anything weird and I wasn't sick.
The first one I was in, the second one it was as if I was watching it from a far.
Do I want to know what they mean? I don't know. I do know they scared me.

Dream 1

"They won't tell us what is going on," I said into the airline phone looking out the window, "All I can tell is the plane is going down slowly. I can see buildings, primitive roads and lots of sand." A stewardess hurried down the aisle, fear showing on her face. A tear started in the corner of my eye.
"This isn't good, it can't be good" I said to myself.
There was a crackle on the phone and then I was disconnected. I hung up the phone and look at my husband. He was sitting in his seat very quiet and I could see the bundle of nerves he was trying to hide. I looked out the window, the ground was rapidly growing closer. I could see people now, lot's of them, packed into drab colored vehicles trying to follow where they thought we were going to land.
A couple of stewardesses holding hands ran by, headed to the back to strap themselves in. One of them came over the loudspeaker saying something about crash landing, heads down, fire. I don't think anyone could say they heard what she was saying, I know I couldn't. I was frightened, scared of what was going to happen. Would we live?
Would the plane crash?
Would these people outside my window be friendly much less like Americans.
The ground rose closer and closer to the plane. I could see their faces now and that scared me more. These where not people that looked upon us as an ally.
I grabbed my husbands hand and we sat as close as we could to each other. This couldn't be happening, things where not supposed to be like this. I was scared, well, scared shitless to put it bluntly.
Suddenly there was more noise than you could ever imagine. High pitched screeching of metal on sand. Rumbling of other things unknown being crushed. I glanced out the window and buildings where flashing by. I squeezed them shut and held onto my husband tighter. Overhead hatches came open, luggage, gifts and purses where flying everywhere, the plane jarred left and right. It was a struggle to stay in the seat and close to my husband.
Finally we where slowing. I was starting to hear something that sounded like human yelling over all the noise. I opened my eyes and looked around. People where praying, some crying, some holding their significant others with shock on their faces. We where almost stopped now and the stewardess where up and in the aisles, checking on people as they headed to the front of the plane.
"Please, just hold on till we talk to the Captain.", one said to an anxious looking older couple. I could lightly hear the others trying to calm or encourage the passengers.
They opened the pilots cabin door and for a second it was obvious that you could see nothing out the front windshields, nothing that is but a red glow of light. They all huddled inside and shut the door. In a moment they came out trying to looked relaxed but I could tell they where hiding other thoughts.
"We have to get off the plane. The Captain is worried it is going to catch on fire from the jet fuel. As soon as we open the doors the emergency slides will engage and we ask you to quickly depart the plane, run straight out, but stay together in 2 groups one for those who depart on the left and one for those who depart on the right. One Captain will join each group. We don't know what these people are like so please, please stay together!" The head Stewardess said at the top of her voice. The other stewardesses started down the aisles to the back repeating the same message.
I could definitely hear yelling now, muffled through the plane but yelling none the less. I tried to look out the window but the desert sand had frosted the glass a dull reddish tan.
One stewardess was at each exit door. They signaled each other and almost simultaneously they opened the doors. The blue emergency slides inflated and popped out. People started scrambling out of the plane. We stood up and started out exit to the door. I could hear a commotion up ahead but couldn't tell from what. Then some people started screaming, and the line was getting pushed back from in front.
I could hear some one yelling but I couldn't understand what they where saying. Then gunfire.

Other half coming tomorrow...................

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