Sunday, January 23, 2005

A Passing of one of my Hero's

Johnny Carson died today of emphysema. I grew up with Johnny, watching at first on the Friday nights I got to stay up late at home, then as I branched out to having my own home.
As I got older I would watch when I could, seeing we do all have to work you know.
Steve Martin got his start there, along with Bette Midler, Joan Rivers to name a few. Tiny Tim got married to Miss Vicki on the show. I always thought that was one weird dude, sort of my generations version of William Hung.
I remember his "Carnac the Magnificent" routines and Jack Hanna visiting with all his animal friends. Some of whom where not very "polite" to Johnny. I remember his last show, Bette sang him a song that was both funny and appropriate for the night. When he signed off, close to tears, hell I shed them.
He died at home with family and friends at the age of 79. I hope he enjoyed his life as he helped me enjoy mine..

Goodnight Johnny.

My hats off to you..

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