Friday, January 07, 2005

I Love Friends!

Boy did I come across a winner!
My friend at work and I were talking about new year resolutions, or the lack of them, when I said I wanted to turn the upstairs room into a photo shop slash workout room.
and Viola, wah-lah,
She says, "I have one of those Tony Little work out things and this other bike thing that isn't really a bike, but it is. You kinda peddle and the handlebars go side to side, anyway it is in my basement and I don't use them. Would you like to have them?"

I said no...

ha ha just joking!...

I was like "Well I don't want you to give it to me but if you aren't using it I sure will and if you want it back just let me know!!!!" (I said it with 3 exclamation marks too!)
So in the AM she is bringing me the contraptions. I am excited!! YEA!!!!
I am going to set it up with a TV and radio so I can use them at home in the evenings. I think it will be great as the hub will do it with me...
Cheaper than a gym, and still doing things together!
Gotta love it!
OH! I have an idea! I will post pics of the 2 contraptions and have a naming contest for the tools of torture!

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