Monday, January 03, 2005

First Post of a New Year

Did you make a resolution? If so, comment back and tell me what it is and how you plan on keeping it!
I, on the other had, made no resolution. I didn't resolute to not resolute, I just didn't.
I would like to have set a resolution for any one (or combo) of the following:
get a New Job
finish several short stories
eat better
join a creative writers group here
work for myself
take more pictures
create a photo club here
do something with my art
make a photo blog to link to my reg blog
go to texas
go to georgia
make a story blog to link to my reg blog
write a horror novel
buy a Cannon or Nikon SLR digital (at this one I laugh, Ha Ha, as the price is WAY to high)

The hub and I did make plans to work out more and lose some weight so to start that we weighed this morning. I am very embarrassed about what I weigh, as I have NEVER been this heavy, but for some reason it didn't bother me to get on the scales in front of him. He loves ME and I know it!
Last year, I almost made it all the way through my resolution. Last years was to let everyone around me know how much I love them and what they mean to me. I made a substantial dent in it, but no - completo - to - the - endo...
My son is off for Christmas break and hasn't blogged.. go to his blog and give him a piece of my mind for me will ya?
I have more excerpts of my story going and when I post them I would appreciate constructive critisizm...

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