Friday, January 28, 2005

Feel like dipping?

Tonight I am taking the hub to dinner. I tried to get us in this place about 2 weeks ago for valentines but they where already booked until 10PM and this isn't a place I wanna eat at 10PM! You are sooooo full you want to be rolled out! We where calling it our "Mystery Date" until he figured out where we were going. Now we call it ou "Not a Mystery Date". Funny, I made reservations for tonight and Valentines at the same time and almost told him where valentines was going to be at cause I thought he would nwever figure tonight out...Oh well...

My mom first exposed me to fondue and I fell in love. Later in life to find a restaurant that serves it was fan-freakin-tabulous! It is amazing though, how many people have never had it! OMG You have to have the chocolate dessert if nothing else!

Anyway, I got the hub and I in another place for Valentines. He has no clue where that is so I hope to keep it that way!

It is supposed to snow and ice here tomorrow, could be fun. I bet you I will etill be full too.

OH and tomorrow we are supposed to go to Outback for a couple of friends birthdays!
There goes the 6 pounds I have lost since the first of the year!

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