Monday, January 10, 2005

My Bonus in the Bonus Room

Exercise equipment is delivered all in one
I got the Bonus room cleaned up last night and moved the Tony Little running, walking thingy up there. I say I did.. the hub did while I was cleaning. I am giving myself quite the workout emptying boxes, vacumning, moving the furniture that is up there, when I hear, step, thunk, step thunk.. I yell out, you aren't moving that by itself are you?
He answers back, "It folds up."
What thet hell does that have to do with anything???huh??? It still weighs the same!
He is hard headed that way, sigh, but then so am I..
Monday was weigh day for us.
Week one complete, I lost 2 lbs..note that I won't share with you my starting weight but if you take the amount lost, multipy it by 1000. Divide that by 16, what is the root analysis of coke and can tell me the square root of pie I will pass that lovely nugget on to you via personal e-mail ;-)
So soon I will take that pic and we can name my new (borrowed) tool of torture!!
The other bike riding while twisting thing needs a little TLC before it gets brought in..that'll happen..
that'll happen this weekend!
Now I am off to walk, run, keep up with myself in one place...

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