Friday, April 02, 2004


When you get a a chance check out teh link to Satan's Laudromat on the left. It is a photo blog from New York. Some of his pictures are really cool. But then we all know M loves New York!!!!

I want to change my blog template a little and need some advice and or direction. I want to do 2 things
1) Add a search window
2) add drop down menus to move my links to. I would like them under my Heading.

I could redo the whole thing but I really like where I have gotten it so far. If you have any nuggets of wisedom, shoot me an e mail at mddcfox at AOL dot com. Please give it a subject heading on the subject line so I don't think it is crap mail and flush it without reading it.

Very inspired by the morning sun this morning. Will try to put it into words later today.

Listening to Hoobustank

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