Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Poetry in Motion

Another thing I was inspired to write over the past weekend is a love Poem. I am not good at it, here is my first attempt.

Ode to Joe

Early in the mornings
I love my cup o' joe.
Afternoons and evenings,
A Cuban Cortidito.

Carmel Macchiato
Or a Cafe' au lait,
In a hill of coffee beans
Would I love to play.

Give it to me Mocha
On ice or frozen,
With whip cream topping
And the sprinkles I've chosen.

Expresso, Cappaccino
Or a Colada,
With 2 equals and creamer
Yumm! Why I outta,

Go to Starbucks or Caribou
Order Italian or Arabian,
Maybe African, Irish
Cuban or Columbian.

So now I close
I have to go,
Indulge in a cup
Of good ol' joe.

Listening to Hilary Duff.....

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