Monday, April 12, 2004

Monday Monday Part Deaux

I had a great weekend this past weekend. A number of personal things that I don't care to meantion here yet, some others that I do care to talk about.

I got linked! I am truly honored anytime anyone deams my ramblings worthy. I emailed this person and they seem quite the person I would like to know! Check them out!
I also got my first "out of the US" pin on my map! Iyanga from Germany! BIG THANKS to Iyanga for pinning me and the language lesson :-)!
Quick hint here, If you haven't pinned my map yet, why haven't you? It is quick, painless and a lot better than going to the dentist! Go now and pin me before I call up all my women's intuition and send the vibes your way!!!

Listening to No Doubt

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