Friday, April 30, 2004

Random Bits and Pieces

Was yesterday really a Thursday? Cause it sure felt like a Monday or a Friday the 13th (which the next one comes in August).
Boy am I glad that day is over! Whew!
Hence the TGIF unkymood. !
My son continues to astound me. Why is it when we start thinking things like, "Where is his head", or "Sometimes he acts so adult, then...", they say or do something that just blows you away? Don't get me wrong. My son is great! And yes, I know he has his faults, don't we all. But he is young, (22), and at that age of young adulthood. You mothers know what I mean, the I got the world figured out, I am in charge demeanor.... We have been there too. I remember being that age and I thought I had the world pegged. (HA! to know what I know NOW!!!) Either way, yesterday in his blog about change I was just blown away by the writing, the verbage, the poetic sound of it.
I have to add that my son and I are a lot alike. We both have a semi sarcastic sense of humor. I think we are both quick with the witty comeback, and we both have what I call the "Gypsy" gene. The urge to start anew when things get old or stagnant. And we are way different in other ways. I know sometimes he doesn't understand me, just like sometimes I don't understand him. But that is what makes us all interesting and great to know!!
Nuff bragging now!!!
Have a great Friday!

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