Tuesday, April 06, 2004

It's Raining Men!
well not exactly

Want to know about Moi'?
Then lets check out my desk. I have 2 fox statues, stackable men, artificial flowers, an in box with assorted current projects in it, a pack of vitamins, post it notes of various colors, an external CD Drive hooked up to my laptop, my water glass, my coffee mug, everest gum, phone call pad, 2 folders of issues, my cell phone, a paper clip, and the Essential Desk Reference set, and of course my laptop.

Yes I said I have stackable men. LOL! Here is the story:

My sister and I where shopping in Florida, at a quaint little town of antique shops. I like to pick some little something up to represent everywhere that I visit but don't live. We had been in many stores and found nothing. Now to get the humor in this, you have to know me and my sister. She was the first to find her purchase. A small china cow creamer. We laughed and laughed about "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free!"
My sister bought the cow.
I came across wooden stackable men. We had a good laugh at this one. We laughed and laughed again. What better way to have a man! 6 men in one! They are always dressed nice and don't talk back! How else would you want them?
The cashier just couldn't understand what was so funny. We tried explaining both stories to her. She just didn't get it. But are we suprised she didn't? It takes a special breed to understand my sisters and my humor! (Right 1F?) Anyway turns out they are the wooden Russian dolls. I forget the name, I am sure my sister remembers. Turns out they are Russian Leaders starting with Gorby.
Next time we will explore the drawer I affectionately call Marti-Mart.

Listening to Joss Stone....

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