Monday, April 12, 2004

And Then Comes Monday

Yuck. It is Monday again! I want to know who stole my weekend! Why is it they are so short? It is overcast and raining here, I would rather be in bed with a good, book or movie. But the tax man calleth! I did get a couple if stories almost completed and will post them soon for your amusement!
Now a recently composed bit of prose for the heart:

I love you for you,
for who you are,
you opening your heart,
is helping me open mine.

I feel good with you,
you feel good next to me,
You make me feel good,
about me.

I love you for your ability
to make me smile, laugh.
Your smile and laughter,
is warming to my soul.

We still have a lot to learn
about each other,
with each other,
I look forward to that.

I can't explain it,
don't think I have to.
It's like I have known you
a thousand years.

We have the excitement
of a freshly wrapped package
waiting to be opened,
with all the anticipation.

I Love You

Listening to the Blackeyed Peas

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