Friday, May 28, 2004

So I hardly ever come out of my office

I am way to busy, as usual! But today I was taking some paperwork to a girl at the other side of the cubie pit and I see everyone standing there looking out the windows. I was thinking if we where on a ship it would have sunk by now! I could hear the panic stricken calls of the captain, "Not everyone at once! People step away from the left side of the ship!"
I went over to one of the girls and said "Girl, what is going on?" And Uh huh, I said it like that.... Turns out the local law enforcement had been cruising the lot next to the woods looking around. Some of the girls had seen him out there. When he drove off, a man came out of the woods, looking around like he had done something (ya think?). He saw all the girls looking at him and ran back into the woods. So one of the girls called 911. She is trying to make the dispatcher believe that they saw what they saw and he was still in the woods. Of course anyone who say anything is getting all excited and talking out loud at the same time.
"He had on jeans shorts"
"No, they where blue!"
"No, they were black and he had on a white collared shirt!"
"It was a t-shirt"
(Ever played gossip? LOL)
Needless to say dispatcher lady can't understand a word the one girl is saying. So the dispatcher calls the cops back, all the while more of us congregate at the window.
"Glass isn't bullet proof!" one girl said.
Another spouts out with a "I wonder what he did?"
In my head I am thinking, he is looking at us right now memorizing our faces thinking "These bitches are going down!"...
A car pulls up and is going slow. It is not a cop car.
"It's his ride!" hollers one girl, "He is here to pick him up!'
Bout that time a cop car pulls up and the first car looks like he is trying to pull away from him. A collective "OH!" is let out from the window crowd. But no, it is only an undercover cop. The talk a minute and then get out to search the woods.
We all contemplate what we would do if he came out of the woods and tried to run from the cops.
"We could run out the door screaming" I hear, "That'll surely get the cops back over here!"
"We should group tackle him!" says another.
I am thinking of what this criminal would think if about 30 of us women went running outside after him. Hummm. That could go 2 ways!
We conspire about what he did and why the cops where after him.
"He robbed the Econo-Mart and tried to take a woman hostage at the car wash!"
(Can you tell I live in a small town?)
"Well I think he was barefoot!"
"He was dragging the car wash woman by the hair!"
(Remember Granddads ride to school when he was little? It went from riding, to walking, to walking with no shoes, to snow, to deep snow, etc.....)

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