Monday, May 24, 2004


Yes, as my unkymood shows, I feel accomplished! I have to admit, I just went thru the most grueling last 2 days I have been thru in a LONG time, taking the motorcycle training course.
I was yelled at (along with everyone else), hot and sweaty & sick to my stomach with nerves. I will admit I was never closer to giving something up than I was the first hour of the first morning. My wrists are killing me from clutching and braking. BUT I had a blast and made some new friends too! AND I PASSED! 100 on the written and 92 on the driving! Yeah for me! This is part one of a goal I had set for myself a long while back. part 2 is to own one. That is still a ways down the road yet, but donations never turned down (LOL)...
Here is what I sucked at...
1) The Box. In a small box you are supposed to do a figure 8 with out crossing the lines, using your weight, the rear brake and the throttle. the box is about 30 foot long and 18 foot wide.
2) taking a 120 turn within 2.9 seconds. I did it in 3.4, oh well.
I aced the 2nd gear immediate stop, and the swerving exercise. So as long as I don't do any figure 8's in a box, or make a fast turn, I will be alright! LOL I am sure the turn will come with practice. And I intend on practicing a lot before I take a major road trip.
Tomorrow I go to the NCDMV and take their written test. If I pass that, I get it added to my license! WOO HOO!

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