Monday, May 03, 2004

I Snore, Therefore I Am...

OK, I will admit it, I snore. Not all the time but on occasion and especially during allergy season. Why is it we are so embarassed over some bodily functions that we can not help? Mind you I said "we can not help". My first husband thought farting was funny and one of his friends could belch sentences. Uh-huh, yeah. His name was LeRoy. Go Figure. The friend's name, not my 1st husband..His name was Harold... go figure again.... Bet you have a pretty picture of me now huh. Let's just say I was young and dumb then. Needless to say he really impressed my mother. Actually he made her "good side" when she slaved to make homemade French Dip sandwiches with au jour, and he let off with a "I don't like a G.D. sandwich." Yes I am being sarcastic, because she was not pleased. I also think now I musta needed to have been hit with a load of bricks to see the light back then. But I get off tract here.
Last night, I was pretty tired, but I HAD to watch "10.5" even though I would be us past my usual bedtime. Don't laugh. I like to get up at 5 AM. Anyway, now there is ya some bad acting! Kim Deleney must have lost her acting skills when she went off to "dry out". But I have to add that she wasn't the only one that sucked like a hoover.....
And that train that got consumed by the fault line??? Come on, what are the odds that they would build miles of train track, all on a fault line. uh huh. And I saw that overhead shot. That was a model train if I ever saw one. I should know. I have 3.
And the governers assistant, who husband kept calling her to talk about them having a baby, all the while these massive quakes are happening? Come on, I am sure there are thousands of things to talk about during a quake, and having a baby ain't one of them. And like the phone would work!!!
I could keep on with the OH!s but I regress again.... (and yes I will finish it tonight. The earth quake footage is pretty cool!)
I had just got to sleep when I let off with one of those breathing in snores. Like when your mouth is relaxed and our upper palette has relaxed. I let off with a rousing hhhrumppht.....My body jumped and my eyes came open wider than making a politically incorrect statement in front of a bunch of harrasement lawyers.
First thing I think was "Was that me?" Then a quick "Who did I wake up?" Then the embarasment sets in... "OMG, I can't believe I just did that...blush....
But it sure doesn't take me long to go back to sleep... via a turn of the head and holding my mouth shut with the prop of my hand.....
I didn't say I had a point with this story either..

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