Tuesday, June 01, 2004

AH the power of a few days off!

To bad it is over!

Interesting note #1: I have added a link on the left to "Who is this masked man?". Reportedly he is someone in Hollywood, both by his first blog and many reporters trying to figure out who he is. They have guessed Ben Affleck and Jim Carrey among others. His blog is interesting, and I am not sure I would want to know who it really is. I think it might take some mystery and allure away from his blog, and he might be lying, he may just be an average joe! Who knows, and do you really want to know?

Interesting Note #2: The police have even gone high tech. You can now make bids on all that "stuff" they have left in the property room. Although I am trying to figure out how someone left a lot in Cherokee Village, Arkansas, and where did some of the other stuff come from!

Saw 4 movies over the weekend, two via DVD and 2 at the movies.
First we saw "The Day After Tomorrow". The people portion of the plot was a little weak, but the effects where pretty darn good!
Second we watched "School of Rock" on DVD. Again I will say the acting was week, the humor sometimes lame, but you couldn't help but root for the kids!
Third we watched "Cheaper by the Dozen" on DVD. I have seen this before but it is still a funny cute show!
Fourth, we went to "Shrek 2". It was funny, the acting was good, (what does that say when cartoon characters are better than humans?), and it was FUNNY! A definite recommend! And if you haven't seen it yet be sure you stay seated thru the credits. There is a bit of an "update" on the donkey and the dragon!
How was your long weekend?

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