Thursday, May 06, 2004

The Cicadas Are Coming, The Cicadas Are Coming!

Seems every 17 years these little flying noisy bugs show up. And I am lucky enough to be here in NC in their year!! Feel the excitement! Actually I am thinking Photo Op as this is a rarity..
Anyway. They emerge sometime in May out of your lawn, from little dirt piles that look like you should be talking you dog to the vet. THEY FLY.. OMG. They fly around thru most of June. (Bet all the NC June brides are excited...what's that on the cake?
It makes the news here. There are Cicada watches. There are FAQs about Cicadas..
go to my link, check it out, someone has actually asked if it would hurt their kids to eat them. I should be suprised but I am not. I just find that totally GROSS.
I can see my now if one comes towards me. I have always said that any bug, snake, slimy slithery thing will kill me poisonous or not, because I would kill myself running from it.. I am not a wuss, bugs just aren't my thing.
Let's see, they come out in May, hang around till June.. I know where my *** will be and it sure not outside!!!

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