Tuesday, May 18, 2004

First a few quick updates to yesterday's story...
Update #1 - I wanted to add to yesterday's story that the minute we got home, I had to put a bra on so I could go to the store.. LOL go figure..
Update #2 - I got in the class to learn to ride a motorcycle along with motorcycle safety this weekend!! Gonna get my license! Part one of a 2 part life goal, part 2 is to own my own bike.

Biker Bitch

I am someone's biker bitch. I'm not sure how I feel about that term, but from my purchases it appears I like it!
I guess "freedom" got to me. I went hog wild (that is kinda funny, isn't it? LOL. Hog - bike rally..)
OK as I had stated, I have never been to a bike rally before, so I had to have the t-shirt. Well not really a t-shirt but a camisole version. First stop we made I saw one that I REALLY liked but it wasn't really a "rally" shirt. But it was real cute! It was a black, wifebeater style shirt with a silver studded eagle on the front, and studded around the neckline. I was like, no, I will find one that says Myrtle Beach somewhere. But R bought it for me anyway. He snuck it up to the check out and after he paid he said "At these things if you like it you buy it or it may not be there later". Such a sweetie..
Anyway on we go. There where lots of vendors to check out their wares, everything from special paint jobs to massager chairs. Guess the later was for all us "old folks" after a days ride. So long story short, I ended up with a black camisole trimmed in lace, and a white one with chain straps. Yes I said chain! Also I ended up with a leather riding vest. It comes complete with lace up sides, fringe, and purple suede roses inset in the yolks on the front and back. The lady who helped me said "We have the matching chaps!" I looked at her as I sweated and thought, uh, NO... but you know, in cooler weather they might just be the ticket. Humm, maybe I DO want the chaps! Besides, you are supposed to wear your leather gear everytime you ride for protection. uh huh..

I am becoming such a good and stylish biker bitch! (If there is such a thing!)

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