Monday, May 17, 2004

Set Those Puppies Free!

I went to my first Bike week this past weekend. Yep I did. And in getting prepared I had to go shopping for shirts. No, I didn't use it as an excuse for shopping, rather I HATE hot weather, I am SUPER fair of skin and I do not have a lot of cute summer wear. BUT, as this year I have a tan, I thought "What the hay!", I bought a halter-top and it is pink! (Hereinafter referred to as my skank shirt and I use skank lovingly.) I have always been told if you have red hair, don't wear pink unless you wanna be on the back cover of Vogue wearing a black strip across your eyes walking on a big DON'T. Which of course would thrill me. But that is a whole different story.
Anyway, I have one of Victoria Secret convertible bras. It can be a regular bra, a strapless, a racer back, or a halter bra, so I am thinking, OK, this is cool, I can be a respectable skank. So the night of purchase, I am trying the skank shirt on. I take my VS bra, convert the straps and I am sorry to say my VS convertible bra as a halter bra around my neck has got to be close to how it feels to be a pulley on a motor hoist. Don't get me wrong, I am not huge, but I am not small either.
So, OMG I have a dilemma! I haven't worn a skank shirt well...EVER and I haven't gone braless...well...EVER!! My step mom used to drill in my head, wear your bra or you'll be saggy when your older. Not gonna tell you the visions in my young head back then. Funny thing though, back in high school the boys used to call me "band-aid" as a (cruel) joke. I was pretty much a pirates dream, an A cup if that constitutes a cup size at all LOL. HA! If they could see me now! Again another story.
Back to the skank shirt..
So I decided to "set those puppies free". Like the song says, "Oh what a feeling!" My frontal appendages where yelling out, "Free at last! Free at last!" I felt naked and dressed at the same time. Ha Ha! Even more did I feel like a skank. And are you ready for this? I went braless all weekend, shhhhhhh don"t tell!!!
OF course I had to have the T-Shirt from the rally but that is another story for later this week...
So know I have to go and sign up for motorcycle classes.
No, I am not kidding. That is one of my life goals. To learn to ride one, and to own one.

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