Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Yo Yo Yo Dog!

Well tonight is it. The final AI3 show. I watched last night and have to say for the first time I agreed with Simon on one song. Fantasia did not sing her first song well. She was "trying to make it her own" but it didn't work. I was also a bit disappointed with her "Summertime" song, again she was trying to enhance the song more that when she sang it the first time. The first time she sang it, it was "da bomb" but last night I think she was pushing it a little to much. The judges liked it though so what do I know... But now the "Believe" song she was right on! EXCELLENT! I have one issue with Fantasia though. At the first of the final 12 competition, I was like "she is gonna win this". But as the show went on, she showed that she has a 'tude. Tudes turn me off, so now I have issue with her. Plus I am a little disconcerted how they can have issues with Frenchy "modeling" on the internet, saying that doesn't make a good American Idol, well what is the difference with Fantasia and her being an unwed mother? Is that what an American Idol is? Don't get me wrong. I not a judging person, I just think the SAME RULES SHOULD APPLY FOR EVERYONE!

Diana did the "Believe" song what I would call a "pretty good OK", she pushed a little to hard on her second and third song. But I will give it to her she has a strong voice.

So, I didn't vote, but if I did I would have to say I more than likely would have voted for Diana even though I really should support felloe North Carolinian, Fantasia. Her showing her 'tude shows me if and when she makes the big time, she will not appreciate it. My opinion and my opinion only....

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