Tuesday, May 25, 2004


I went to the NCDMV today to take my written portion of the motorcycle test. IF I didn't say it before, when you take the Motorcycle Safety class you do not have to drive in front of the cop..(whew!). The class was fresh in my mind, I had downloaded the DMV training manual, just to read thru, I was a bit apprehensive, but I was prepared. Or so I thought..
I got there plenty early. One of the first in line. When they opened I was sent straight to a DMV chicks desk. Kind of an amazon blonde woman with blue eyes. Eyes that had issues. One of them didn't move. It is such a weird feeling to see her type on the computer, all the while looking at me with one eye and the screen with the other. She was rather nice though.
So She got me all checked in and set up for the test. I sat down to the computer to take the test and missed the first question right off the bat. Thing is, I knew better. NERVES! DAMN THEM!! I thought, "Great! This is a sign." I took a deep breathe and proceeded on. No in class, one guy said when he took the test, he skipped some questions and he didn't get the same question back in the end, he got a new question. Well all in all, I skipped 3. Guess what! I got those 3 back in the end. Hummm, that is a man for ya... But I got the questions right the 2nd time around. I ended up missing 3 which means I passed! YEAH!
I am called over to yet another DMV dude to pay my fees. This dude has never missed a meal or a donut, and he was rather curt. I was thinking he sure needed to find a personality.
Now I get a new picture, so I am pointed to the Picture Dude by Bland Donut Man. YEAH!!! Or so I thought. My hair is very curly, and today I thought it was looking pretty good, kind of natural with a little (very little) work to the top. The picture dude said "Oh, your gonna like this one!" I thought YEA! The other picture I look toothless because of where they put my name. The trail of the last letter of my last name went RIGHT thru my mouth. "Go in the waiting room, it will be about 3 minutes." Picture Dude said. So off I go to wait.
In a few I hear my name called out, I walk around to Picture Dude and he hands me my license. Turns out he is really Sarcastic Picture Dude. That or totally blind. Uh huh, I look like I just came off a three day drunk, and haven't washed my hair in a week. go figure. What is it about DMV pictures? Are they trained to take bad pics? Do they buy discounted screwed up cameras? Is it an internal contest of all DMV offices to see who can take the worst pic of someone? Hummmm
To end my Tuesday blog, I am now legal to drive a bike. WOO HOO!

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