Wednesday, February 18, 2004

what!!!!no sex in the city????
Sex and the city has been something I have looked forward to and even planned around for the last several years. I have lived vicariously through Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. haven't some of you? Now it is coming to an end, what is the world coming to? my friends and I have compared ourselves to them, sort of a which one are you, what would you do kind of thing. Charlotte, uptight uptown girl. Miranda, neurotic and sarcastic funny. Samantha, well what can you say about samantha! head stong and sex driven! Carrie, incurable romantic addicted to shoes. I guess if I had to pick I would say I am a version of Carrie, even if i have the hair of miranda. I am neither neurotic, nor headstrong lol Although I would rather make my living with photography than journalism. It was also funny how many times that week's show hit home for one or all of us.
So what are you hoping for, in the spectacular ending? Will carrie stay in paris with the russian or will she succumb to mr. big? I myself hope carrie goes with mr. big. Samantha has her young stud and is happy. miranda and steve have re-united and married. Charlotte is getting babies of the puppy what better fairy tale ending could there be? and what would be wrong with a fairy tale ending, huh??
Now what do we have to choose from? reality TV? The bachelorette? next top model? the surreal life? Celebrity mole? or worse even the littlest bachelor? (now that show calls for a definite WTF!!!)
All I can hope for is to buy it on DVD from season 1... I know, I need to get a life!
listening to Maroon 5
and let's not forget this weeks drink of choice....yummmmmm!

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