Friday, February 27, 2004

What if god was one of us, just a slob like one of us, just a stranger on a bus, trying to make his way home
Last night was a weird night.
First, we had light snow during the day. that was cool. but we had thundersnow in the forecast and got it. if kinda screws with your senses. Lightning, thunder and way heavy snow!
Then as I got ready for bed
And layed the pillow 'neath my head...
my mind went to running ten thousand thoughts a minute, rapid fire succesion - one after the other - one extreme to the other - wonder if I can get to work in the morning - oh i forgot to send the cash report - umm remember when (grin) ....- i forgot to get gas - i gotta have that key made - the girls trip to ny should be fun - i need to call tldc - i need to get NC tags - OMG make it stop!
I tried focusing
I tried counting my favorite man (you know who you are) jumping over my bed
I turned the TV on a infomercial
Finally I had to set up in the bed and hollar (yes hollar, I am learning) stop!
times like that I am glad I am single
but also wish I wasn't
wouldn't it have been nice to curl up next to someone you care about, put your arm around them and be lulled to sleep by the warmth and steady breathing? I find that very calming.
So I had glass of wine instead.
NOW on to today.
I have spoken of my new office before in previous blogs. Well I have a key and I keep it locked. When I got to work this AM there was a feather in the floor. hummm. much like a quill feather, a deep charcoal color, fluffy and soft.
That lead to a major wtf?
who was here? why did they have a feather? what were they doing with that feather? which lead to a quick were had that feather been? i certianly haven't been having any fun in my office and by god no one else was going to either! at least before but it looks like i was to late.
I picked up the feather and marched into my boss's office. You can guess the look on his face when I walked in. "Someone has violated my office!' I stated sternly.
"uhmm" he replied, "the cleaning crew was here last night."
"oh" i said, "just as long as they weren't having fun."
and returned to my office.
I know he thinks I am really strange now
listening to my immortal - evenesence

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