Friday, February 20, 2004

Life is a bowl of Cherries
I read this on an online news article:
Native American folklore says that the first question we ask upon dying is, "Why was I so serious?"

Life today is full of reasons to scowl, frown, sputter and fume, but you know what? That's just plain defeatism and it only makes you look and feel old. Find things that make you laugh and surround yourself with them.

Set laughter goals: laughing to tears daily; falling-down, rolling, pants-wetting hilarity once a week perhaps. Laughter is your tether to youth, an instant facelift, and the purest appreciation for what a cool ride this really is.

Again I say, Life is short, live it to the fullest. Do what makes you happy. I try to laugh about something every day, and for me I can laugh at myself a lot!
Listening to (and watching) Joan of Arcadia

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