Friday, December 10, 2004

SPaM Mail

Spam mail.
Don’t you love it? As I open my e-mail this morning I learned, that I can learn to do quite the assortment of things. I can:
Learn to trim my nose hair
Lengthen the size of my, well you know
Learn the art of sensual massage
Further my education
Trace my family tree
Buy sexy lingerie cheap

Now, let’s address each one of these.
Why on earth would I want to:
learn to trim my nose hair? If I was in that bad of shape someone surely would have slapped me already.
Lengthen ANY part of my body much less the part they want me to lengthen that I don’t have. I am a woman and my one set of appendages I would like to have anything BUT lengthened.
Massage - OK I like that one
Further my education online. OK anyone can always stand to learn something or more. But I don't have the moeny for that, besides, I have raised my sone, worked 3 jobs 7 days a week at one time while raising him to be able to afford anything, been married to many times, (this one is a keeper), nursed my mother thru cancer, then my dad, had a bout of depression thanks to the bastard. OH and lets not forget him. HE was 13 years of learning in hisself... need I say more?
Trace my tree? I do that already and if you haven't heard already, be afraid, be very afraid!
Sexy lingerie cheap - I want to look Sexy, not like some Pimp-ho that owns no mirror, is colorblind and thinks she is a size 3 after eating McD's for a month. Uh huh, I saw the movie...
And what cyber factor decided I of all people needed this junk mail? And is it me or since I have commented a lot and joined blog explosion, I am getting tons more.

I think I am going to at least start trying to be productive with it and play sentence scrabble. I am going to take all the titles, but them in a bag, draw 7 out and try to make stories out of it.
I think I will start this weekend.

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