Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Christmas is a coming

Work was it's usual self even though trying to get anything done is getting hard since the holidays are coming up. I found many a person wandering around, visiting with co-workers, eating the goodies in the kitchen, etc.
My sister called me when I wazs busy but I was able to find out her flight to Texas arrived safely and she took great pleasure in telling me it was snowing. What is up with that? Here I am, near the mountians, in North Carolina, and all we are having is a bit of rain. My sister goes farther south and she gets snow... that's just not fair!
Ever had times your mind is just racing? Right now is one of those for me. I have been working on my story, wanting to do a few things on the Genealogy, read some more of George's journal, oy-vey...
One of the girls in the office is having a bit of bad luck, she is a single mother, will be loosing her job by March of 2005 due to part of our company transfering to Miami, (and they didn't offer to take anyone...humm)
Anyway, he car broke down on the way to my house Saturday. She doesn't have the money to fix it nor has she bought all her Christmas, and has been taxed to by groceries. Groceries, I would never thought it.
She has a son, who by blood is not hers, is a different race, but who she chooses to raise. His parents aren't active in his life, but won't let Theresa adopt him. He is a really good kid, doesn't ask for much, and sa-weeet! After we found out, several of us got kinda nosey with Theresa finding out what he wanted, needed, etc..She told us he needed shoes, a coat, some winter shirts, loves movies and books.
So the office took up a collection yesterday, which is a challenge for my office cause they don't do to well at that. BUT, we raised 570 dollars in gifts and money.
Let me say again $570.00. We got the few things PJ needs and a few things he wanted.
We got him 5 DVD's, socks, 2 shirts, a DVD player (got it at a GREAT price), a gift cert for him to go get shoes, a blanket, and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Someone donated some stuff for Theresa, we got here a $30 manicure pedicure gift cert. She ended up with $180 in grocery gift cards, 55 in cash, and I am sure I am forgeting something. It was given to her today. She was shocked, thrilled, speachless. After she looked at PJ's stuff we wrapped it to go under their tree. ( I am assuming they have one). She called everyone in to a meeting to thank them, shared with them the gifts she recieved and told us we showed her the true meaning of Christmas.
I wanted to cry. Goes to show that even when you doubt some people, most everyone still has a heart.


So todays saga ends there as my permanent press in dry and I have to clean the litter boxes!


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