Friday, December 17, 2004

C and E Part 7

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I really need to name this story....

“Yummmm, smell that,” Frank said to himself, “Cinnamon, bacon, sausage, eggs… god that is making me hungry!” He entered the kitchen amid the hustle of several folks trying to make a meal for 50.
“Whoops! Sorry!” He said to a pretty elderly lady as she whisked by him with a big pan of gravy. She smiled at him and said, “Merry Christmas!”
“Merry Christmas to you Ma’am!” he responded with his best Santa voice.
He spotted Sister Joan talking to some young kids over at the oven. “Probably some kids from a youth group trying to earn a badge or something.” he thought to himself. From the look on Sister Joans’ face and her hand movements he could tell that obviously they had no clue at how to bake for volumes of people and she was very patiently giving direction. He walked over to the group and hung out just to the left of them. He wanted to be sure he caught Sister Joan as soon as she had a free minute.
“Now, this is a convection oven which cooks a bit faster than your oven at home” She instructed. “Are you listening Carol?”
Carol had been looking around at all the sights and not at Sister Joan. She had seen the homeless and heard stories, but never had seen what all people do to help. “Sorry!” Carol answered and turned back to the group.
“The timer is here,” She points to the digital square on the front, “and they attach a guide for you to use. Cindy, how long do you thing these rolls should cook?”
Cindy squinted at the list and said “10 minutes?” You could hear the question in her voice/
“Very good, now set the timer and go see how you can help with the eggs” Cindy punched a few buttons on the front of the oven and they all wandered off towards the stove, giggling and gawking as they went.
“Sister Joan.”
She turned around to see Frank standing by. “Yes, Frank?”
“I want to help out this morning but I have a question first. Or better yet, more than a question, I want your help with something.”
“God helps those who help themselves you know!” she answered back.
“Yes Ma’am, and that is what I have set my mind to do. I want to change my life. Not that I think I haven’t done the best I could for these past 3 years. But I admit that I have slacked off”
“Well how can I help you?” She asked.
“Well first, I want to get a job. A good job. But I can’t do that in these clothes. I mean, who would hire me?”
“I hate to say it Frank, but I really don’t think anyone in today’s world would give you 2 minutes of time.”
“Well, I was wondering if you knew someone in your vast list of charitable folks who I might get a suit from. I will work for it, daytime, nighttime, whenever.”
“Now Frank, I think that is a mighty fine idea! Let me see what I can do next week after the Christmas weekend.”
“Thank you so much Sister, I will check back with you Monday night.”
Sister Joan laughed, “You are pretty sure I will find someone aren’t you!”
“I can feel it Sister, in here.” Frank pointed at his heart, “I feel that this is going to happen for me and I am not going to let that feeling down.”
“Good for you Frank, I think you just might make it happen too! Now if you really want to help, go watch those kids over by the eggs. I know they have the best intentions, but they are here today, gone tomorrow and really just want to get through the morning and earn their brownie points. Besides the sooner we get through with breakfast the sooner Santa comes!” She said to Frank.
The shrill tone of the oven timer went off and Sister Joan reached out for the mitts. Before she could get away and also on an impulse, Frank gave Sister Joan a big old bear hug and you could see the embarrassed look on her face. “Frank!” She gasped with a bit of a smile.
He walked towards the kids and said rather loudly, “OK kids, what’s up? Wanna see an old man flip some eggs?”
Their faces brightened and a resounding, “YEAH!” was let out by all.

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