Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Eves Gift!

This is something that is a family tradition, to be the first one to call the other family member and say "Christmas Eves Gift!" before they do.
This morning I called my son, who is in San Marcos, and imagine, he was still asleep, but through modern technology, he saw my number on the caller ID, knows this tradition, and said a sleepy "Christmas Eve's ift" to me. We had a short conversation that I am sure he will not remember later today, and wished each other Merry Christmas and hung up. Now mind you, he took great pleasure in telling me the other day he wasn't going to let me get him first, he was setting his alarm, and gonna call me at 12:01 AM..

Next I called my stepmom, who was expecting my call. Someone answered and said nothing. I said nothing back... after a few seconds, my stepdad let out with a Happy Holidays! and I Christmas Eves Gifted him back. I could here TLDC laughing in the background. They where up, as she wakes up at the crack of dawn, but still laying in bed. We caught up with the last couple of weeks, how her Dad is doing, what everyones plans are, etc.

Now after hanging up with them I called my son back. He answered with a sleepy and agrivated "What, Mom" and I said Christmas Eve's Gift part II" he was like "Whatever".. anyway I told him to call Tommie and get her. I think he went back to sleep..
Merry Christmas to all, even if saying that is polically incorrect. To Bad!

Merry Christmas!

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