Monday, December 13, 2004

C and E 5

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“Upper Crust Bitch, well I never,” Celia mumbled to herself, “and that damn cop, why I could tell he wasn’t going to do anything, I am going to bring that up to my brother tomorrow and to top it off, he liked to have slammed the taxi door on me.”
“106 Central Park,” she told the taxi driver, “And don’t think I don’t know how long it takes or how many blocks it is! I’ll have none of that take the long road crap trying to squeeze me for another five.”
“Yes, ma’am.” Rahil sighed. What a way to end the day he thought to himself. Another fare, another snooty bitch. He purposely pulled out in front of a bus, the bus blared his horn, Rahil shot him the finger back, smiling and yelled “Have a nice day Dumbass!” out the window.
Celia let out a “OH SHIT” grabbed the seat belt and strapped it on as quick as she could. She saw the driver looking at her through the rear view mirror and could tell he was grinning and enjoying this. As they headed up the street she saw the group of men walking up the street that where outside the shop. She glared at them out the window. The one that had been so luid to her looked up saw her and made that disgusting face again.
Humph,” She mumbled as she swung her head away, not giving him the satisfaction of seeing her react again.
As they got close to her home she started organizing her things and dug a dollar bill out of her purse for the driver. The cab arrived at her desitination and she started gathering up her bags together. Her doorman opened the door for her and she scooted out pulling today’s treasures with her. She sat the bags next to the doorman and turned to the cabdriver to give him his tip. He looked at the dollar and then back at her, “Merry Fucking Christmas to you to lady!” and spun out as he left. Just because I have money doesn't mean I THROW it EVERYWHERE! She said in a rather loud stately voice. She turned, grabbed one package and headed inside.
"Jeffrey, be so kind and get the rest."
Jeffrey smiled at Celia, Mrs. Jones, or better known as Ms. Tighter-than-a-drum by the working class at Trump Tower. "Yes Ma'am," he answered, "I am so sorry about that driver, I will report him immediately!"
"Thank You Jeffrey, I know I can always count on you to do your job."
Celia turned away from Jefrey and walked to the elevator and stood there. Jeffrey looked up at her, and outside at the bags. He sighed, grabbed the bags and then hurried up to her and pressed the up button.
When the elevator arrived, Celia got on, Jeffrey loaded her bags in with her and hit the button for her floor, and backed out of the elevator. He knew better than expect a tip. Especially after the taxi incident. The Jones always made up for it, in their own way, between Christmas and New Years. He would expect a bonus from them of about $500.00, and that, with the other tenants tips, made up for his rather meager salary. He had a great wife, 5 wonderful, but growing kids. He had a steady job, Much more than he could say for some of his family, and he didn't want to risk losing it. The elevator door closed and Celia was on her way.
Celia watched the electronic floor guide as the numbers grew, she hated being alone, and she was alone alot. She fumbled in her purse for her keys, found them and pulled them out. She looked around her at the brass walls of the elevator as if inspecting the cleanleness. Her eyes wondered around the walls, checking every cranny, looking for a fingerprint or a smudge, anything to take her mind off being in here by herself until her eyes wound up looking at a tall stately lady. She studied her reflection. She was older, still had a great figure if she did say so herself, and she was rather pleasing to look at as a whole. She put a smile on her face. Great hair, great clothes, she didn't understand why anyone wouldn't feel graced to be around her. The elevator doors opened and Celia gathered up her bags, straightened her posture, glanced at herself one more time and entered her entryway. She put her key in the lock, paused for just a moment, and entered her home.

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