Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I have a headache

I am really digruntled, aggrivated among other feelings right now. Let me tell you how my company works..
We are a "ah-em" a telecommunications business, we have several divisions. Today I had to go to another divisional office, a 2.5 hour drive each way. I was asked to come to take a report(s) off this one girl that in actuality, I should have taken a long time ago.....
not complaining here..
Anyway, I got called yesterday at 4 and asked to come up. I get there and the girl I am to work with, who knows me, opens the door and sees me and, no kidding, her jaw dropped to the floor at shock at seeing me. My stomache sank. They didn't tell her. She had no clue I was coming...now why would you not tell her? (list advantages here, first one being PREPAREDNESS!!!)
Complaining starts here...
SO I go check in with the guy who called me. we review that he wants me to take that report, he has to slim down the staff and wants to re-assign her to other duties, and I give it a thumbs up and we call her in. So we start the planning, listing processes, contacts, etc.
We take this plan back in to him. we meet over lunch. he wants a dollar figure on a certian job that has issues, so we break away to start at that. then while we eat, it becomes evident that MANY people in this office will not have a job after, are you ready, Friday. over 2/3rds of the office and no one there has a clue. they where supposed to have been prepped for this for 2 months now but the person over that office never told them. This office was supposed to have been told this and that the office would be closed by Dec 31 2 months ago. AND he didn't want to tell them until Thursday...(Friday is a paid holiday)
They where all called together at 3:30 and told this, NOT by the guy who should have told them, but by the one that came there to close the office this week and now can't. You should have heard the shock reverberate across the room. One asked how could he not know. He flat out told them that since Sept, this has been discussed on many conf calls and he was told by (name), that it was taken care of.
Now, this isn't one isolated incident. This happens in this fashion at my company ALL the time..
Why would you not follow thru that action had been taken? re: he said they knew, find out if they know..
Why do you find it right to just let people show up and say at 5 PM on thier last day "Oh by the way, you don't have a job"
While working with the person I was supposed to work with, SEVERAL other things she does comes to light that they hadn't even thought about...WHY??
NOW..I talk to the guy who asked me to come up and review what we accomplished and he goes, Thursday is her last day..


One girl, who is going to have to assume some her duties, DOESN'T even know yet...What day is this? Her last day is when??
I freaked to a degree..and now Her last day is NEXT friday..wooo hooo.

I have to stop...
I have to go send out some resumes...
And take some aspirin...

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