Wednesday, December 01, 2004

December 1st thru 4th, 1901

Kids have been doing malicious pranks forever it seems. George Griffiths had a series of days of journal entries about this incident..

December 1 - Ellis put Charley and George out in the pasture and on Sunday morning some boys went out in the pasture and shot Charley. The boys name are Sneden, Paches, Reynolds.
December 2 - It is Monday and Charley died
December 3 - Sneden and another man came to mesur the horse but they did not mesur him rite. I got Mr. Swadley to see the horse and he mesur him and he mesurd to be 17 hands and his son William Swadley mesurd him to be 16 hands one inch high.
December 4 - Mr Sneden and Pehey offered me 40 dollars for the horse and I told them that I would see what my son said about it for he was the one that owned the horse.

More to come...

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