Monday, June 07, 2004

My Purse feels lighter!

$209.50 later I have North Carolina tags. ($206.50 in check and $3.00 in cash for Ms Notary) The $209.50 equals up to the tag fee, title fee, highway usage fee.

But wait! If you order in the next 3 minutes you get to pay property tax also! Yes, that's right folks! Hurry now! I still get to pay property tax on my truck and that bill comes in about 3 weeks in the mail. YAY! (insert sarcasm here) But at least I got thi part done.

I have to say the tag lady was much more normal than the folks down at the DMV. I walked up to here with all my info, and she goes "Wow, you must have gotten online!" I told her I did, but actually a friend at the ofice called up to see what I needed to bring in. (My plates where expired and I was a little leary of what fees that might incur.) It only took about 10 minutes for tag lady to get my $209.50. That works out to about $20.95 per minute. Not bad for the state..And that will go up with the property tax bill. Ah State of NC!
OH! and today was tag ladies birthday, Happy Birthday Tag Lady! (hear the crowd cheer!) She got cake, and pizza, and cookies, and yellow roses from her man! You Go Girl!
So tonight I will break out the ol' tool box and put on my plate. I am so much closer to being official than any of the time I was in Florida.

Now I get to pay $10 more to get it NC inspected. I have 10 days to get that done. Any one want to guess what I am doing after work today? Huh? Do Ya?
I have to go now, something is surely wrong with me ... ha ha ha!

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