Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Long Time No Blog

I have been ultra busy this past week. I have been doing my job and part of 2 co-workers who one is on vacation (dog) and one is out of town (skank). So, you can guess how these past few days have been.
Also my old boss, part of the reason I left Florida, has been out to prove me an idiot this week. (see me pulling my hair out!) 4 Times in the last 4 days... All 4 times he was wrong. now who is the idiot. Only thing, nothing will be said to him, never as, never will.
Tonight I did find time to ride my bike a bit in the neighborhood. Hoping to do so again Wednesday nite, but there is a good chance of rain now! Figures! I get a new toy and the weather goes haywire!
I also started my new template design last night. I am having a bit of a "brain freeze" on just quite the direction I want to go with it. Guess because of being so busy lately.
Ideas from anyone?

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