Monday, March 14, 2005

Today I drove in Canada

Not physically,
Let me explain.

The hub and I where making some adjustments in our bills. I sold my truck, took over his car and he got a Kia Amanti.
His car is was a Chrysler Pacifica.
If you call it a mini van I will kill you.. its NOT a minivan! LOL
Anyway, I get a new ride, get to help him and since I had equity in my truck, we get to pay uncle sam! cha!
Anyway I degress.
Sunday when he went to play with the boys, (pool and a round of hooters) I cleaned and shined it up. Wet Tire on the wheels, STP on the dash and all the plastic accents, vacumn the hell out of it..
Monday was my first day to drive it "offically". I am on my way to work and look down and FREAK OUT!!! I am going 120! But there is no way I am going that fast as I am not passing cars at an unbelievable rate.
OMG it is 2c outside!
And my milage has shot WAY up..
My head is spinning!
What did I do!
OMG I screwed it up!
Finally I figure out that I must have hit some button in my cleaning endevours that changed the measurements to metric. (Those crafty people at Chrysler being so flexable as they are.) If I lived on a border state I could really use this feature...
So I look around at the dials and switches and can't figure it out. Besides I can't fix that now driving down the road so I just float along and guess how fast I am de me whistle...
Got to work..
Found the button..
Fixed it..
made fun of myself all day!

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