Sunday, March 13, 2005

Sunday Afternoon

The hub went for a round or two of pool and a trip to hooters this afternoon with his guy friends and I was looking forward to the time to write. I wanted to work on my story, but it was a beautiful day.
Sun shining,
blue skies,
65 to 70 degrees
and a slight crisp breeze.
So I couldn't resist and spent most of my time outside. I cleaned my car, cruised the Sonic and got a Cherry-Vanilla Dr. Pepper, sat on my back porch and vegged. I cracked the windows open and the cats spent most of the afternoon sitting in them. I came in and ate a piece of cake, yum!!!
The boys took a nap...

Now it is dark and there is lightening on the horizon and the sound of thunder in the air. My wind chimes are going CRAZY!!! Rain to sleep by..

Ah the loveliness of Sunday.

Hope yours was as good.

See ya Monday!

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