Monday, March 21, 2005

The right to life , the right to die

We have all heard a lot about Terri Shiavo, her condition, her parents and husbands fight over her life. We can all go online and find pro’s and con’s to what is going on today. examples here and here.
I, myself, would never want to be in her condition, and I do find it sad that the courts have intervened for many reasons. It does though, make quite the point for having a living will, and they can be filed for any doctor or hospital use here.

But first, what happened to Terri? A supposed potassium level condition brought on her heart failure, leading to her diagnosis of being in a Persistant Vegetative State Rumors have it that the condition could be because of anorexia or bulimia. So far online and in the news, I haven’t seen where anyone in the family agrees that she had an eating disorder, but if you read the last link on this blog, signs point that way. But, does it really matter why? It happened and she became like she is regaurdless. There have been doctors testify there is no hope yet others testify there is. What faith do you but in that when these days for money, publicity or whatever, your lawyer can find a doctor somewhere to back up your story or beliefs.
In other speculations people have said her husband Micheal Shiavo, beat her and her condition was the result of some part of a beating with strangulation. That he doesn't want her coming out of this state for fear she will tell on him. Wouldn’t you think the EMT’s who came to her aid that fateful day, would have seen those signs (bloodshot eyes, marks around the neck etc). Also if there was any question of this happening would you not think that it would have been brought out in the lawsuit against her doctors for not diagnosing her condition? They won 1 million dollars for her being mis-diagnosed. More debating goes on as to where that money really went but it appears it has mostly gone to pay for this legal battle.
What is a Persistant Vegetative State: (quoted from another link) Sometimes, following a coma, a person may enter what is known as a persistent vegetative state; patients in persistent vegetative state have lost all cognitive neurological function but are still able to breathe and may exhibit various spontaneous movements. They may even be awake and appear to be normal but, because the cognitive part of their brain no longer functions, they are not able to respond to their environment. A vegetative state can last for years.
Can last for years.


Have you heard about Sarah Scatlin?
Can you imagine “waking up” after 20 years?
The husband: He says it is a matter of a promise he made to Terri.
Is he, Michael Schiavo, a champion for his wife? Trying to keep a promise made that he (and a few others) supposedly heard her say? He has turned down repeated offers of substantial sums to back away from his fight, all refused. He says it isn’t the money, yet a promise he made to her. Her parents and others fault him for “moving on” and having a family.
The parents: I can certainly understand the emotional, physical, mental bonds of a parent. I have seen parents hold on to that what ifs and wanting the best for their child. Hell I would want that for my child. Who wants to give up any hope!
If you use Sarah Scatlins case again, when do you draw the line?
Have they both turned this into a fight amongst themselves and who is right?
Polls taken recently seem to think the government should not br involved in Terri's case.
Will she feel anything or have pain? Studies show, that when that part of the brain dies, there is no sense of pain or suffering. Are they sure? I saw the news the other night when they showed her brain, or lack of brain tissue. All signs point to her not having feeling and not coming out of this state. How many people have come out of this state and been able to tell anyone how they feel?

What if the media never got involved in the first place? This would already be over.

What if the government wasn’t “butting in”? This would be over

What if she had said she didn’t want to live that way?

What if she had a living will? No one would be in the position they are in.

What if she does come out of her vegetative state to some degree?
Will she have enough knowledge to be glad or sad at where she is?
So many questions, so few straight forward answers in a case like this.
Except one.
I do not what to live that way.
What did Terri want?

This is the 3rd time her tube has been removed.
The third time her body starts shutting down.
God I wish she could talk..
end note: a thousand words about Terri Schiavo

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