Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A conversation between my son and my self last Friday night

I call him

Ring ring

Son: YO

Mom: What are you doing?

Son: Resting and doing nothing before I go to work

Mom: Well listen, I am at Dillards and they are having a fantastic sale. What are the colors that you have to wear to work now?

Son: Khaki pants and black shirt

Mom:What size are your pants

Son: I don’t know 34 X 34 I think

Mom: OH, Look at this shirt (me to the hub)

(Then to my son) Would you wear any polo type shirts? Here are some really marked down in green and blue and…

Son: Mom I am really a T shirt and jeans kind of guy for school, between that and work I don’t wear anything else. And you know how you and Lisa are about buying me clothes...

Mom: I hardly ever buy you clothes because you are so picky.. but this is free, what up with that??
Mom: OH here are some Khaki’s these say 36 X 34, but I think they are tagged wrong and are 34’s. I will get them and send them to you. If they are to big I will pay for alterations as these are cheap enough. Besides for work who will notice.

Son: Mom, I can’t be looking scrungy and all…

This from a T shirt and jeans kind of guy…

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