Wednesday, March 30, 2005


You know, I added the thing in my sidebarthat gives anyone on my site the ability to see if anyone else is on my site..
just not who..

Now, when I get on and see someone else is on...

I wanna know who it is!

I need to find one that tells who it is.. or just take it off. It messes with my simple mind. LOL

I had a great Easter, how about you guys? My sister came up and we ate, watched movies, ate, played 20th anniversary Trivial Pursuit, ate.
You get the picture..

I sooooo need a new job. I am working way to much and feeling that any day the axe could fall.

We are going to Texas in a couple of weeks to go to Texas Motor Speedway and the Nascar race. It just happens to be at my son's birthday. He wants to go to Babes..


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