Thursday, March 24, 2005

Just doin' what the news tells me too....

Last night on the news one of the stories was about spring being here and doing your part to make sure mosquitoes don’t breed in your yard.


I posted little pics of me holding a bug light all over the yard saying “No Sex Here Suckers!”
Every few feet I posted little billboards with ads for:
Little Mosquito Condoms
Mosquito Birth control

Made a shopping list for today…
Magnifying glasses,
Micro exacto knife
mawaaa ha ha
(think about it...)

Then I posted my shopping list outside...
For all fly by's to see.

I also found myself pondering these things:

Can mosquitoes get hung up like dogs?

If I squirted them with the water hose, like my momma did the neighbors dogs (she told me where just playing leap frog by the way), would they drown or fall into the puddle I made and be VERY FRUITFUL?

Do mosquitoes have little mosquito prostitutes with little mosquito pimps driving little mosquito Cadillac’s? I can just here that, "Yo Bitch, give me my money!", in that annoying, high pitched buzzing tone.

Can they “do it” on the fly?

Can you tell it was late and I was tired?

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