Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Spare the rod and spoil the child?

Today's "call in topic" on my early morning ride to work was rather you should or should not spank your child.
What? I didn't know there was a choice!
I don't agree with beating a child. leaving marks or getting so mad you take your anger out with your hand or other things.
I also think things have gotten way out of hand when if you are seen spanking your child and you are afraid someone will turn you in to child welfare.
We are talking a spanking here, not beating..
I was suprised at how many called in that they would not or did not spank their kids.
It is a natural instinct for children to test their boundries. As they get older their tests get stretched a little farther, and farther, and farther. If all they get is a "talking to" or told to "sit out" till they can play fair. What are we telling our kids?
"Oh if I get caught cheating on my test, and dad finds out all I will get is a "talking to""
"Smoke some pot? why not, if mom finds out I will get sent to my room and I can use the "quiet time""
That has to lead to bad things.
Every offense is not a spankable offense but at times I do believe it is called for. I was spanked and if most of the parents where honest so where they. I wasn't spanked at every offense, but if it was serious and I didn't obey, or had done it before and been warned. The worst thing I had to do was get my own switch. That made it all the worse and my parents knew that. I don't want to beat children and I am not mentally scarred. I DO know right from wrong and wrongs have an effect and it ain't the silent treatment.
I spanked my son and he is no worse for the wear. He is a good kid putting his self though college.
Majority of teenagers now have no respect. For things, elders, people in general, etc. Have you seen many help an old person? Pull over when a funeral is passing? Understand the power of working for a living?
Hummm I wonder why.
Many people my age are of the baby boomer age and wanting to give their kids a better life since the majority of baby boomers can afford it. They have been given cars, money, credit cards..
What is this really teaching them? That everything should be handed to them? That there are no repercussions to doing bad things?
Seems to me it has gotten a little worse year by year.
I was 16 before I could wear make up. Now 13 year olds look over 18.
I got a car at 15 only because I qualified for a hardship license (I worked after school. I also had to make my own [horror] carpayment. Now most every teen has a new ride.
One lady at work can barely make it back and forth in her 80 model car, but her daughter is sure doing well in her 2004 model. AND she bitches when she has to help her mom. Mom can't afford a newer car right now cause she has to many other bills. One of them being her daughters car payment. What is wrong with this picture?
I guess I could go on and on but...
I was spanked and I didn't turn out so bad, did you? Did you really?
This is my opinion and my opinion only. I am of age. I am entitled to it. It's my right
Feel free to disagree, as I am sure many will. It's your right.
But you won't change my mind. Proof is in the pudding so to speak.

"...optimal disciplinary responses begin with less severe tactics, such as reasoning, but proceed to firmer disciplinary tactics when the initial tactic achieves neither compliance nor an acceptable compromise." from Robert Larzelere, Boys' Home

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