Wednesday, July 28, 2004

See all the wild children!

Wednesday was Zoo Day. This is both a good and bad statement. Good in the fact that Zoos with the free range type pens always lend to great animal shots and the Fort Worth Zoo has been updated to this. Bad side is that Wednesday is half price day at the zoo plus that particular Wednesday it was free to star telegram gold pass holders, which my fam has one of.
So sometimes I think I won’t balk at paying full price. Lol
The only thing still the same at the zoo is the herpetarium and the little 2-lane road that ran in front of it. The rest is history, literally. The zoo is very nice now. When I was little I got some kind of sickness where I had to get shots for several  days after going to the zoo, but that is off the subject. And I don't remember that anyway, Mom always told me that story.
The most impressive thing at the zoo was the silver back gorilla. He was too regal!
After the zoo I tried to take R to the Imax but I think half price day extended to there too as it was way to crowded, and we where way to hot to deal with them.
So we went to Anchorman… which was rather stupid.
That night we went to Posado’s for Mexican food.  YUMM!! Food, go figure!
As I am posting several pics I am cutting this blog short….


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