Monday, July 12, 2004

Capturing the Moment

Yesterday I photographed my first wedding. I work witht he bride, though not closely, and one of my friends here had told her I do good picutres... Yeah of animals and people when they don't know I am looking! LOL
It went well I think, although it is almost a prerequisite that with a group of that size I am sure I "offended" someone. Oh well! Funny thing, my legs feel like I had one hell of a workout yesterday! All that up and downing I guess! Who knew you needed to do leg exercises pre- shooting a wedding!
The wedding was at 3 but we had previously agreed that I would get there 1 to grab some intimate shots of the bride and groom getting ready and any group shots we could before the wedding started. Also they where having the wedding vetoed, and I had told the bride it would be better if I didn't attempt to take any pictures during the ceremony as that would mess up the video. There was one little girl in the wedding that was oh so cute! We shall call her Little Girl as I SUCK at names and she was the brides sisters daughters daughter, and that is just entirely to long to type more that once! She was adorable with her curly hair, in her little pink dress, with little pink pearls and no shoes. She was shoe obsessed though, I was warned if I took my shoes off she would more than likely want them and wear them. A girl after my own heart!I just hope someone show her the value of a good shoe sale vs full price. Shoes I like, shoes on sale I love!
Either way..They put the back of her hair up and topped it with a baby's breath crown with little pink and white ribbons off the back. She was cute, and she knew it! And she was a ham too! She had a radar sense that I was around with the camera and about to shoot her..hummm, camera ham, shoe freak.. Think she is the future Sara Jessica Parker? LOL
The brides attendants where her 2 daughters and her grooms daughter. Her eldest was her maid of honor. They had wonderful black dresses and the grooms where quite dapper in their black tuxes. The bride wore a mint green dress that flowed beautifully when she walked. I say all this to interject here that those colors where a real bonus for me. White on white is soooo hard to shoot!
Short summary of the wedding..
Her brother in law walked her own the aisle,
she was resplendent and glowing,
She and her fiancee held hands at the front during the ceremony,
her daughters started crying silently,
Her new daughter started crying not so silently,
She started crying,
Her fiancee brushed a tear from her cheek,
I started crying..
A young family member sang,
more tears where had by all,
They were pronounced man and wife,
they kissed..
Yes there was more but....You got the gist of it.
After the wedding we did the usual, but not usual, group shots. I say that because there were A LOT of family there! They didn't think I could get everyone in one shot.. Ha ha I say! I did it. This is the point where I think I could have offended someone... Because I always didn't get the husbands and wives right next to each other, but I did the best I could seeing as there were probably 40 or more in that shot...
We did all the various group shots, then off to the reception we went. I took a lot of shots there, and the food was great!
I got the groom taking off the garter, then she threw her bouquet, then off they went in a baby blue 67 (I think) Chevelle. Great car!
Oh and it is amazing the people that want a special picture of a particular group of family members! I didn't mind at all but almost everyone of them asked me at some pivotal moment. I just said I would be glad to take anything they want as soon as I captured this shot. Of course you want everyone to be happy, but I was there for the bride!
I can't wait to get the pictures back and see them! If they are any count I will scan some and share...
At 5:30 I was driving home, hot, tired but actually excited at how well it went. I hope she thinks so too.

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