Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Monday (and Tuesday) in Cowtown

Monday we went to my sons apartment, which he will soon be leaving to go to College. It was a great apartment and if I lived in that area I would be proud to have, it over looked the pool and trees all serene and stuff. It was really cool!
 Then over to Grapevine Mills Mall to check out some Texas size CDs and souvenirs. I bought the Black Eyed Peas new CD.  Food was the word of the day, so since we where at that mall, we ate at the Raintree Cafe. That is always an experience! Animatronics at it’s best, who wouldn't want to eat with an Elephant looking at you, who trumpets, snorts and stirs up dust along with lions and tigers and bears. (Oh my!) It rains every 26 minutes, not on you of course, but the thunder, and lightening, it is just too cool. Food is good, although a little pricey, but you are paying for the "experience" of course.
Tuesday was Stockyards day. Oh the memories of the stockyards. We used to go there when I was small and I remember going there when there was a whole lot more cattle pens than there are now, but progress being what it may, Billy Bob's took some of it along with the prerequisite parking lot. But the ambiance is still in the air, and just a smidgeon of the smell (lol).
We went to the shops section of the old train station to check out the wares, and the old steam train, The Tarantula, still runs although not on Monday or Tuesday. Go Figure. It was way to hot to do that anyway. We snacked at the Star Cafe, which by the way has the BEST fries, Then we wandered up to the Cross Eyed Moose to hunt antiques, found a $18,000.00 bronze for someone's front yard, not mine, I have better things to do with the 18K.  We shopped Luskeys, Mavericks and M.L. Leddys. Leddys is actually one of those places you go and look at the stuff, check the price tag and go "WTF???". Then it was 4 PM and time for the longhorn hearding thru town, complete with trail riders. We finished the night with a meal at Cattleman's Steakhouse, a tourist and old timers, tradition. They had the BEST blue cheese vinaigrette salad dressing with parmesan and sesame seeds in it! YUMMM!  See a pattern starting here?

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