Thursday, July 01, 2004

Men as Friends

looks like it ain't gonna happen

I arrived at this conclusion from a recently read statement in a Blog I peruse that said;
"Straight men view women as either a potential sexual experience, their mother or someone who will tell whatever they say to their wife or girlfriend, which will make their life a living hell."
(Props to Jef!)

I hate to believe it but after much wheel turning, rust removing and dusting out the corners (in my mind of course), I think this just might be true. Why is my question. Why can't men and women have friendships without the sexual innuendos being there? Why do men think we all want to go "run and tell" all their secrets? Why are we just a potential sexual conquest? And I sure as hell don't want to be looked at as some man's mother figure! I know, there are a lot of women out there that live to cause men strife, but there are a lot of men out there that are less than savory also.

The statement I read caused me to think back on experiences I have had. These experiences in my past have confused me, and I guess as I grow older and life experiences teach me, things start to "come into light" if you will. I think back to one time, I met this guy, we had great conversation, he had a similar funny outlook on life as I did. We saw each other a few times, then after that it was all conversation, good conversation, but just conversation. I moved on with my life and wanted to keep the "friendship" I thought we had but when he found out I moved on, all communications stopped. Interesting, and also proves the above mentioned theory. He obviously was interested in the potential sexual conquest and not anything else. I should say that was his loss but actually I think we both lost.
I guess I am different. I like any person, of any color, any sex, or sexual preference for who they are as a person. I think about what I might have missed in life if I wasn't open to people, life experiences, etc.

Can we all just get along? LOL!

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