Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I Had A Fifth on the Fourth!

Not me actually but someone I know. Although I did try Smirnoffs new mandrin "malt liquor". I don't know why they don't call it beer, and it was rather tasty. We grilled out and did the pre-requestite things you are supposed to do on the fourth. We slept in a bit, planned to cook out, went furniture shopping, drank a beer or 2. Yes, I said furniture shopping! Doesn't your family have that time honored tradition? LOL. And yes, if you are wondering we did buy something. 2 couches and a chair w/ottoman. Merging 2 households you would think we would have everything one would need. You would think. We even need dishes. Don't ask what we where doing pre-merger.. It sure wasn't with out. Anyway, we tried our best to find something that went with my furniture as he likes my set best. After many stops we found one we liked on Saturday. Yes I said Saturday, we started this hunt as a "just for fun" type trip then. Saturday we went to Bassett, (ehhh..), Lane, (ehhhh..), and Rooms to Go, (score! We fond one that would go!). Sunday we hit Haverty's (overpriced, but we expected that), and Rhodes, (just plain ewwww!).Sp back to Rooms to go we went, proper questions to ask in hand. Turns out the one we liked, that would go, was made rather shittily (hear screaching brakes here!!). But there was another style we liked, only problem is that meant re-doing the whole Livingroom. Sooo... 24 months interest free financing here we come! Now we get to sell the old stuff...Such is life!...
But this was a relatively small part of our "we have no plans" weekend. We worked in the yard and went out to dinner Friday night, We cleaned house and unpacked Saturday, then went to do errands and furniture shop. Sunday we slept in, then went Furniture shopping, Monday we golfed in the AM, then took a old timers nap, worked in the yard more and some last minute cleaning pre-company coming today. Any minute in fact.. SO I must go for now!
Hope your weekend was great!

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