Wednesday, July 07, 2004

My Astronomical Horoscope

props to my sister...

Here is our horoscope for the week ending 7/8/04: In accordance with the astrological omens, I've assembled a host of snappy one-liners for you to wield in the coming week, Cancerian. Sooner or later, it will make sense for you to utter every one of them. 1. "It only seems kinky the first time." 2. "Even if the voices in my head aren't real, they still have some good ideas." 3. "To make your prayers come true, you have to get off your knees." 4. "I'm the good kind of bad." 5. "It's not really a party till something gets broken." 6. "Shut up and dance." (P.S.: I don't anticipate there'll be any messy consequences if you cultivate the attitude I'm suggesting here. But in case there are, invoke this disclaimer: "I didn't do it. You can't prove it. Nobody saw me.")

Now is 1,3 or 4 my fav... hummmmmm

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