Friday, October 15, 2004


I'm back!!

Least I hope so.

Wedding is over, but my life hasn't seemed to settled down yet..
I have some things I want to post that may or may not interest everyone but what the hay...
like some of my families genealogy, more stories, excerps out of a journal that I had found and it is from back in the 1880's to the 1900's, and some just crap!

Todays crap...
This is first of the month, an accounting nightmare week. Today I was working my arse off cause I wanted to leave at 4. Not that I go in every day at 7 counts... anyway, I was rush, rush, rush trying to all my stuff done. At 4:15 I succeeded in my hopes of leaving early. I bent down to get my purse off the floor and I hear

Oh Oh

I stood up and felt the seam of my jeans and everything felt OK.. So I was thinking...OK it ahs to be small and I am on my way home anyway. So off I go. Once I get outside I feel a cool draft.
Lo and behold my pants are split by my pocket...about 8 inches!

Thank god I didn't wear my thong today! That would be GROOOOSSS!!

So now I have one pair of jeans and payday isn't for another week!... oh well!!

So theres some crap!


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