Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Why is it always...

When your with out your purse, you need a dollar, with out your car at a party, and it sucks but it is way to far to walk, you ALWAYS carry yor camera, but this time.. Not... and you need it?

I was on the way home today and I saw a sign sign that said..
Pumkin for sale
The K was backwards and the hand writting was, well, lacking to say the least.
(Please note there was no s on pumkin)
I look up the hill and into the yard and I see, oh, probably about four or five HUNDRED pumpkins.
And if you know me, you know what I thought next...
Is this a trick?
Which pumpkin is for sale?
Why are they only selling one pumpkin?
If I stop and go up in the yard and pick the one.. right... over ... there (see me stretch and point)
Will they stand up and laugh a half hardy - half evil laugh and yell out "WRONG! Go fish!"
What would I have to fish for in a sea of pumpkins?
The Evil Pumkin Charlie Brown?
What card would be dealt me next?

All those thoughts

And no camera..

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