Saturday, October 16, 2004

Fall Is Here!

Fall, ah in all it's glory!
The cool days and crisp nights. They turning of the leaves. Sleeping with the windows cracked and snuggling under warm downy quilts.
I opened my bedroom window last night just a bit, enough to let in the outside air. I jumped in the bed and the sheets where cool to the touch of my skin. I pulled up the new down filled quilt we had recently purchased. (On clearance no less, is there ever a better word that 75%off?)
He jumped in the bed and came over as close to me as he could get. I looked at him, our noses touching.
"Meow", he says looking at me like, well, a cat. A cat with that look on his face. You know the one. If he where human he would have his head slightly down, looking up at you with those eyes, his lower lip pursed... yeah that one.
I slide down a little more in the bed, flatten out my pillow and I can hear the purring start. He goes to the top of my head, stepping on my hair mind you and I try not to get aggrivated at him for that.
He gets as close to my head as he can.
He lays down curling around my head.
His belly is at the top of my head and the purring is echoing in my brain. He uses his nose and works his head under my hair. He purrs contently for about 10 minutes before he goes to sleep.
He is an Orange Tabby cat. I have red hair. I wonder, "If someone turned the light on would it look like I have on a hat? Or had lots of hair? Or had a huge growth? Or maybe a B-52 hairdo? Would he be lost up there, mixed up in all the mingled red hair?"
He is in kitty paradise.
Ah, fall, a season I love.

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